Welcome to the temporary home of Grounded and Guideda new hymn by musician Adam Podd, and Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons (both from First Unitarian Congregational Society of Brooklyn, in NYC)

This hymn is free for your use in worship, or other live performance settings. Please credit the authors when possible, and feel free to share with friends, music directors, organizations, and other singers who might like to hear or sing it.  You can find below a PDF of the score. The first four pages are a fully realized piano/vocal and the last two pages are a lead-sheet version.  You may make copies, project lyrics,  or distribute any of this material as much as you wish. If a different format or filetype would better suit your needs, reach out to me from the CONTACT page linked above. You'll also find a rough recording which may help give you a sense of the style - however, the lyrics in the verses have been rewritten since this recording was taken, so the recording won't match the score.  Use this as a stylistic guide, and hopefully we'll make a new recording soon :)

Here's the score