I Feel Pretty by Leonard Bernstein arranged and performed by Mimi and the Podd Brothers.

Leonard Cohen's Come Healing

(Adam Podd, Music Director/pianist/arranger at First Unitarian Universalist Society in Brooklyn)

Opening Number for Wistiafest 2016

(music composed, arranged, produced by Adam Podd)

performance video with Dan Mills
(Adam Podd, backup vocals)

Agnus Dei from Missa Gaia by Paul Winter and Jim Scott

(Adam Podd, Music Director/Pianist with The Choir at First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn)

performance video with Dan Mills

(Adam Podd, piano)

Kickstarter video and song for Music-COMP, a Vermont-based nonprofit organization educating and mentoring young composers
(lyrics and arrangement, Adam and Matt Podd)

What Will Lenny Choose? (dated game-show theme)

(music composed, arranged, produced, by Adam Podd)